Small Diameter Stainless Steel Tubing

small diameter stainless steel tubing


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As a small diameter tube manufacturer, Vita Needle offers tubing in custom sizes and special alloys designed for your specific application. We are also able to provide same-day shipping for all stock sizes of our small diameter stainless steel tubing. Our company commonly supplies micro tubing to the medical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and industrial industries, and we will work with you to provide the exact tubing specifications you need. Tubing is available in continuous loose coils or in straight lengths up to 30’, or for some products, longer.

Size Range

Vita Needle is a leading manufacturer of small diameter tubing ranging from .005” OD to 1/2” outside diameter (OD). Our smallest diameter tubing inside diameter is less than the diameter of a human hair. Navigating to the hypodermic, fractional or metric charts or the master chart (a combination of all 3 charts) using the links on the bottom of the page will give you lists of standard welded and drawn stock sizes that Vita Needle carries.


tube gauge chartVita Needle Master Tubing Gauge Chart 


Materials Offered and Requirements

Vita offers small diameter tubing in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, nickel, and copper. Vita Needle provides small diameter stainless steel tubing and alloy tubing meeting various independent third party specifications. The organizations responsible for developing and updating these standards include ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), SAE-AMS (Society of Automotive Engineers), United States military (MIL specs), and ISO (International Standards Organization). The standards are publicly available to ensure consistency in the manufacture and performance of products across different suppliers.

Small diameter tubing random lengths are commercially clean, free of contaminants or defects due to our specialized processes. We recommend ultrasonic cleaning if you are performing fabrication processes after receipt of random length material. Small diameter custom manufactured fabricated parts built by Vita Needle always undergo an ultrasonic cleaning process before shipment to remove any debris or contact fluids from the parts.

Seamless Vs. Welded and Drawn Tubing

The two processes that Vita uses to produce tubing (seamless and welded and drawn) each have its own strengths. When possible, Vita recommends TIG welded and drawn tubing due to the high quality, hard tempers and close tolerances that can be held. For specialty applications that require seamless stainless steel tubing (very high-pressure environments, nuclear etc), we can accommodate that as well.

Below you will find a brief comparison of the two processes. Please click on "welded and drawn tubing" or "seamless stainless tubing" links to learn more about the capabilities of each process. Or you can call us for guidance - we have hundreds of years of combined experience working with tubing and we routinely run custom tubing to specifications for customers.

Why Vita Needle?

For over 80 years, our company has been committed to help our customers find the type of small diameter tubing they need for their application. We offer short lead times on burr free cut-to-length tubing and a complete array of tubing fabrication options. We have the lowest minimums in the industry and offer rapid delivery on most special and custom requests. If you don’t see what you need in the master gauge chart, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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