Stainless Steel Tubing for Industrial Applications

industrial tubing fabrication

The industrial market we serve is so broad that it's challenging to describe in a short paragraph. We manufacture needles for placement of solvents, lubricants, and epoxies which are used in machine shops, construction sites and manufacturing plants worldwide. Flared tubes and assemblies for a variety of machines---automotive to heavy equipment used in mining applications. Coils used in heater / heat transfer applications and manifolds used to direct fluid/gas movement. Glass to metal seal components that have the same coefficient of expansion as soft glass or Pyrex®. Stainless tube assemblies used in robotic applications---we make parts that keep automated lines functioning smoothly.

The industrial market sees a much greater variety of materials, tempers and part designs compared to some other market segments. Vita is well positioned to assist because we are able to quickly manufacture copper, brass, stainless steel and nickel alloy tubing either in standard sizes or to a custom size. Maintaining a variety of fabrication capabilities is critical given the variety of products for this market. We maintain capabilities to produce anything from simple tube cutoffs to sophisticated products with complex geometries and features. Some of our most frequently utilized capabilities include EDM, CNC turning/milling, EC cutoff and grinding and welding along with many other capabilities and our own proprietary technologies.

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