Stainless Steel Tubing for Food & Beverage Industries

An enormous market segment, nearly everyone has interaction with the food and beverage industry daily as a consumer. At Vita, we’re producing parts every day that help food and beverage companies deliver their products to their customers. Some of the components we build go into applications including coffee maker temperature probes, digital food temperature probes and stainless steel tubing assemblies for liquid transfer.

The standard material for many food and beverage applications is 304 or 316 stainless steel tubing because of it’s relatively low cost and long proven characteristics of corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. This tubing can be supplied in stock or custom sizes, and we do manufacture other alloys as well. Vita can produce anything from simple tube cutoffs to sophisticated products with complex geometries and features.  Some of our most frequently utilized capabilities include EDM, CNC turning/milling, EC cutoff and grinding and welding along with many other capabilities and our own proprietary technologies.

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