Cut & Deburred Tubing

cut & deburred tubing

Vita Needle cuts and deburrs tubing to customer specified lengths and tolerances utilizing several methods. Our most frequently used cut and deburr methods include:

  • Abrasive: Relies upon a spinning cutoff wheel, typically aluminum oxide, to cut tube and a secondary deburring process is utilized after cutting is complete.
  • Electrochemical (EC or ECM): In simple terms, a combination of abrasive and reverse plating by incorporating electrical current into the process in order to cut and deburr tube simultaneously.
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): Electrical current creates a series of high frequency discharges that erode tubing material in a burr free manner.
  • Supported shear: Custom dies and related mechanical supports are used to precisely cut tube free of burrs.

Each cutting method has advantages and limitations. Vita utilizes the most cost effective method and timely approach dependent on material, OD/ID, length, tolerances and edge break requirements. All finished parts are free of burrs. Vita accommodates tight tolerances, radiused ODs, and edge breaks. Chamfered ends (OD and/or ID) are also available if needed, although typically add to total cost because chamfers are formed using a lathe in addition to the cutting process. To review a complete list of Vita Needle’s fabrication capabilities, please visit our Fabricated Parts page.

When requesting a quotation, please consider that tighter tolerances and restrictive requirements can increase the cost and lead time to manufacture parts. Please provide us with all of your requirements, preferably in a print, so that we are able to review specifications and offer you the best options to suit your needs. 

Please contact us with your questions or inquiries at or 781-444-1780.

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