Copper, Aluminum & Brass Small Diameter Tubing

Copper and copper alloys (including brass) along with aluminum tube are available from Vita Needle. These alloys are used in a variety of applications, including industrial, electronics, construction and various consumer applications. While uses for each alloy are specific to application needs, all of the tubing alloys on this page are quite formable and relatively easy to draw due to the physical characteristics of their base elements.

Additional alloys available upon request.


Copper 102 & Copper 122 Tubing

These high copper alloys (greater than 99% copper) have excellent forming characteristics and are only sold as a seamless tubing product. Popular applications include microwave tubes, sealing tubes and electrical applications (except C122, whose phosphorus content impedes conductivity) and gas lines. Both alloys have good brazing and soldering characteristics for assembly requirements when dictated.

C10200 OFHC copper alloy tubing ( C102 ) - offers excellent electrical conductivity and is especially suitable for soldering and brazing as well as being easily cold worked or hot formed.

C12200 OFHC copper alloy tubing ( C122 ) - offers low electrical conductivity due to the phosphorus content in the alloy and is especially suitable for soldering and brazing.

Both copper alloys are offered in seamless construction.

Copper Tubing Size Range

Vita Needle offers copper tubes ranging from 030" to .3125" OD.  Please contact us to discuss your needs for sizes outside this typical range.


Aluminum 3000 & 6000 series

Lightweight, cost effective, and easy to form and machine, aluminum tubing is popular for a variety of applications including aerospace and industrial. 3003 aluminum is close to pure aluminum with manganese included in the alloy, primarily for strength reasons. The 6000 series is the most popular aluminum alloy in tubing and relies on manganese and silicon as key alloying ingredients to the aluminum base. ASTM B-210 is a commonly requested standard for both series. 6000 series is often sold in T-6 (hard) temper and a key difference between 6000 and 3000 series aluminum is that 6000 series can be heat treated for improved strength. The aluminum alloys are offered in seamless only, excepting commercially stocked aluminum tube products. More detail on the commercial aluminum tube options can be found here.

Aluminum Tubing Size Range

Vita Needle supplies aluminum tubes ranging from 030" to 2.0" OD.  Please contact us to discuss your needs for sizes outside this typical range


Brass 260

Composed of 70% Copper and the balance Zinc, this very ductile metal can be used in corrosive environments for a wide variation of applications from appliance parts and ammunition cartridge cases to ornamental hardware, or other industrial/consumer applications. ASTM B-135 is a common standard used for specifying brass tube. All of our brass tube is seamless in construction.

Brass Tubing Size Range

Brass tubing is available from Vita Needle in sizes ranging from 030" to .750” OD.  Please contact us to discuss your needs for sizes outside this typical range.



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