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Stainless Steel Tubing End Conditions

We offer several types of end conditions on random length stainless tubing (micro, hypodermic, fractional and custom sizes). The ends of tubing bars can be supplied as follows:

as cut stainless steel tubing "As-Cut"

  • This end condition has no deburring and crimped ends may be present from the automatic cutoff process during straightening. Unless specified otherwise, this is the default end condition on random length tubing.





open ends stainless steel tubing

"Open ends"

  • Same as above except ends are cut open abrasively, no crimps are present. This method is usually sufficient for many automatic bar feeders if making parts on an automated swiss screw machine, grinder or other equipment requiring automatic bar feeding.




open ends stainless steel tubing parts

"Open ends OD deburred"

  • Same as open ends with OD deburring on the tube OD via a rotating wire brush. ID may have some hanging burrs.






"Cut and deburred"

  • Tube OD and ID are fully cut and deburred, to a specific length tolerance. It’s the most expensive of the end condition options because these parts are typically cut on one of several types of automated burr free cutting machines. Cut and deburred tubes are usually sold per piece instead of per foot for random length tubing. If you are performing additional operations to the tube ends where subsequent deburring will occur, we recommend selecting one of the first three options to avoid adding cost for a cut and full OD/ID deburr. We're always happy to quote making your part complete to a print too, saving you time and money.