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Pencil Point Needles

Vita Needle has the specialized capabilities to manufacture a wide variety of reusable needles with competitive pricing and delivery. Pencil point needle assemblies have a cannula that consists of a closed conical end, often with one or two circular coaxial holes close to the needle tip, attached to a hub. These needles are commonly used for irrigating, dispensing or extracting precise amounts of gas, paste or liquid through side ports in industrial, laboratory and medical applications. These needles have a wide range of end uses, from being used as application tools on factory assembly lines to components of spinal surgical devices. Pencil point tips are produced using a process called rotary swaging that reduces the OD and ID of the tube, and this cold forming process can be applied to virtually any workable alloy. Most commonly, cannulas are produced using 304 or 316 stainless steel tubing. The point provides a tip that can pierce a membrane or septum without coring or plugging the lumen (ID) of the cannula, and in some cases creates a self-sealing entry. Most often the angle of the swaged point is 12°-15°, but other geometry requests can be reviewed. Generally, pencil point needles come with a ¼” or ⅛” NPT hub; however, Vita Needle offers a variety of other hub styles to select from as well, including luer lock and other thread connections.

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