surface finish profilometer tapes

Surface Finish of Small Diameter Tubing

There’s more than meets the eye, or the touch of your fingertips, when it comes to surface finish on small diameter stainless steel tubing. Surface finish is a measure of the roughness of a given profile, and it’s usually quantified as roughness average (Ra) or Root Mean Square (RMS) in microinches. Evaluating surface finish gets… Read More »

structural tubing

Commercial Tubing

In addition to the stocking the standard gauge hypo tubing that Vita Needle is known for, we can also supply commercial tubing ranging from 1/32” OD up to 15” OD. Our “commercial tubing” is available in stainless 304, 316, as well as Aluminum grades 6061 and 2024. Our commercial material is available in either welded… Read More »

welded and drawn tubing in strip form before processing

Welded and Drawn Tubing Manufacturing Process

Vita Needle standard stock material is welded and drawn, seamless in appearance. Standard fractional, metric and hypodermic gauges are stocked in 304 stainless steel and many are also in 316 stainless steel. Custom sizes can be quoted to request. Welded and drawn tubing begins with flat strip stock, which is T.I.G. welded into a tube… Read More »

edm machining

EDM Machining for Small Diameter Tubes

Are you in the market for cut lengths?  Are you afraid that your tubing is to small to be cut?  Well, there is one method of cutting that provides clean cuts with no burrs for even small hypotubes.  In addition, there are options for holes, slots, notches and other patterns! Are you asking yourself how?… Read More »