Aerospace Stainless Steel Tubing

aerospace tubingFew companies can claim they have products that are launched into space---but Vita can. We built needles sent to space on a probe and we've also supplied stainless steel tubing components to Fortune 100 companies servicing the aerospace markets. Serving the aerospace market requires exceptional attention to detail and manufacturing capabilities. Some products manufactured for these applications include gas transfer tubes, nozzles, swaged components, and assemblies.

It starts with excellent quality material---a hallmark capability of our company. Unlike some of our peers, we’re able to deliver quickly on a range of alloys for aerospace applications. We carry multiple alloys of stainless steel including high tensile strength 17-7. We also have high operating temperature nickel alloys such as 600 and 625 and can fabricate custom sized tubing rapidly and cost-effectively. We maintain a variety of fabrication capabilities to produce anything from simple tube cutoffs to sophisticated products with complex geometries and features.  Some of our most frequently utilized capabilities include EDM, CNC turning/milling, EC cutoff and grinding, swaging and welding along with many other capabilities and our own proprietary technologies.

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