Stainless Steel Tubing for Instrumentation

instrumentation fabrication

Instrumentation applications run the gamut from simple temperature probes to more complex devices measuring pressure or identifying the presence of certain elements or chemicals in a particular substance undergoing testing. Vita manufactures stainless steel tubular products for liquid flow measurement, gas analyzing equipment (including chromatography applications) and needle assemblies for gas and liquid transfer applications. These are just a handful of many instrumentation applications we service.

The industrial market tends to use 304/316 stainless steel tubing for many applications where it’s cost-effectiveness makes sense. For more demanding applications, Vita manufactures a variety of nickel alloy tubing (including 600, 625, Kovar®, Alloy 52) along with copper and brass alloys. These materials can be supplied to custom sizes. Maintaining a variety of fabrication capabilities is critical given the variety of products for this market. One of the more common fabrication styles in this market is closed end tubes or such closed-end tubes with additional fabrication operations applied---easily within Vita’s capabilities. We maintain capabilities to produce anything from simple cut to length tubes to sophisticated products with complex geometries and features. Some of our most frequently utilized capabilities include EDM, CNC turning/milling, EC cutoff and grinding and welding along with many other capabilities and our own proprietary technologies.

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