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View Syringes & Bottles »Disposable dispensing needle blunts, syringes, needle syringes, dispensing needles, bottles and equipment are sold non-sterile and bulk packed primarily for the industrial and institutional dispensing markets. These products are commonly found in most production, maintenance and laboratory operations where assembly and/or lubrication activities occur. The commodity nature of these products makes custom variations using identical components (pointed cannula, alternate tube sizes, different capacities, etc.) uncompetitive without high volumes. However, the use of metal hubs allows for cost-effective custom medical needles to be manufactured at a fraction of the time/money needed for an identical disposable product.

Disposable SS Needle Blunts

These standard dispensing needles are made out of stainless steel cannula and a polypropylene hub. They are anti-static and non sterile and have a blunt open end. These are the classic "dispensing" needles used for years by companies large and small. 32 RW needles include covers. Vita also can bend needles if required.

disposable needle blunts
14 TW0.08300.0670Dk GreenQuote
15 TW0.07200.0600OrangeQuote
16 TW0.06500.0530PurpleQuote
17 TW0.05800.0480WhiteQuote
18 TW0.05000.0380PinkQuote
19 TW0.04200.0320BrownQuote
20 TW0.03550.0255YellowQuote
21 TW0.03200.0230GreenQuote
22 TW0.02800.0190BlackQuote
23 TW0.02500.0170Lt BlueQuote
25 TW0.02000.0120BlueQuote
26 RW0.01800.0100TanQuote
27 RW0.01600.0080GrayQuote
30 RW0.01200.0060LavenderQuote
32 RW0.01150.0040YellowQuote

PTFE Dispensing Needles

These pure PTFE needles are perfect for applying adhesives that typically clog other needles. Attached to a polypropylene hub, they can be cut shorter if needed.

2in PTFE needles

Polypropylene Needles

These polypropylene tips with plastic luer lock hubs are ideal for dispensing cyanoacrylates and adhesives that clog easily. Offered as an environmentally friendly alternative to PTFE, they can also be cut shorter if needed. OD dimension is reference only.

polypropylene needles
150.07200.0540Brown (old) / Gray (new)Quote
180.05300.0320Green (old) / Pink (new)Quote
200.03900.0240Pink (old) / Yellow (new)Quote

Taper Tip Needles

Molded out of polyethylene with a luer lock hub, these plastic needles are designed to create less back pressure, thus reducing drips. The taper can be cut with knife / scissors for a larger opening.

Taper Tip Needles
1¼" TT Needle

Razor Edge Luer Lock Probe Needles

Razor Edge Luer Lock Probe Needles

For optimum dispensing control. Standard sizes are 12 RW, 16 RW, 20 RW, 22 RW and 25 RW by 1/2" long and assembled to a standard plated brass luer lock hub. Other sizes and lengths are available on request.

Polypropylene Needle Covers

Polypropylene needle caps cover and protect needles from debris or contamination. Available in two sizes one for ½" and 1" sizes and a second size for 1 ½" needles .

Polypropylene Needle Covers

Syringe Tip Caps

These polypropylene luer lock hub caps cover and protect syringe openings, preventing fluid leaks when not in use.

Syringe Tip Caps

Disposable Needle Tip Suggestions

Acceptable -
Not Recommended X
Particle-Filled Pastes X
Easily Scratched Substrates -
Low Viscosity Fluids X
Microdot Deposits X
Fluid is Reactive to Metal X
Fast-Curing Glues -
Beading / Striping -
Spreading / Smearing - -
Depositing in Recesses - -
UV-Cure Adhesives - X
Light-Cure Adhesives - X
Epoxies X
Silver Epoxy X - X
Gel Cyanoacrylates - -
Cyanoacrylates -
Conformal Coatings - X
Greases X
Oils -
Paints - X
Sealants X
Solder Paste / Braze Pastes X
Solder Masks - -

Dispensing Equipment


An economical foot valve pneumatic syringe dispenser, this dispenser has a built in regulator and gauge and can dispense using syringes varying in size from 3CC to 50CC.

The VFV-25 dispenser is also offered as the VFV-25V which has an optional built-in vacuum venturi regulator which allows pull back of material into the needle, reducing dripping and stringing of the material.

needle Dispensing Equipment

Digital Dispensing Equipment


The newest Vita Needle shot meter has a 15 program memory storage and a timer range from 0.008 to 99.99 seconds. In manual mode, the timer counts up, giving you the ability to determine what time you require with your application. Also included is sequential dispensing which enables programming of dispensing cycles. The touchscreen allows for easy operation and intuitive programming. 


Digital Dispensing Equipment

Call us for details, questions or to place an order. Custom sizes and products available! Custom bending are also available for disposable needles! Reusable and stainless steel oiling needles can be found by clicking here.

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