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dispensing syringes

Needle Syringes

Designed for industrial and dispensing use, these polypropylene syringes allow for careful placement of materials such as adhesives, pastes, sealants, grease and many other materials. Includes syringe barrel, plunger and piston (except air operated versions do not include plunger). Air operated versions are designed for use with dispensing machines.

Luer Lock Syringes

Luer lock syringes easily connect to needles or equipment with a leak free connection. Part number SY717 is a "luer slip", not a luer lock syringe. It will mate with a female luer in a slip fit manner, held on by friction. Unless otherwise noted, all syringes have calibration markings

luer lock tip syringe
Part Number Size Also Sold in Air Operated Version?
SY717 1CC No
SY707 3CC Yes, SY701 (no calibration markings)
SY708 5CC Yes, SY702 (no calibration markings)
SY709 10CC Yes, SY703 (no calibration markings)
SY710 20CC No
SY711 30CC Yes, SY704 (no calibration markings)
SY712 50CC No

Taper Tip Syringes

Orifices can be cut shorter for a larger ID opening if required. Taper tip syringes allow the user to apply fluids / materials directly without a separate needle connection. Only the 50CC & 10CC taper tip syringe has calibration markings printed.

taper tip syringe
Part Number Size Orifice I.D. Dimension (Ref) Also Sold in Air Operated Version?
SY713 6CC .024" Yes, SY705
SY714 10CC .028" No
SY715 30CC .046" Yes, SY706
SY716 50CC .149" No

Polyethylene Bottles

Made of low density plastic, (8 oz is HDPE) these bottles are easy to grip and squeeze and are an ideal dispensing solution. In addition, they can easily be placed upright in a cabinet or on a desktop for easy access when required. Luer lock bottle tops allow for leak free connections to dispensing needles, hoses or other equipment. The tops easily screw on and off the bottle to allow the operator to refill as needed.

Accordion bottles have press fit tops with a luer lock connection as well. The accordion bottles compress with light pressure from the bottom of the bottle and reduce wasted material that otherwise might be stuck in a cylindrical bottle. Some individuals also prefer the alternative grip style which blends the features of a syringe and a bottle.

Polyethylene Bottles
Dispensing Bottles
Part Number / Style Size
BT801 / Standard Bottle 1 oz
BT802 / Standard Bottle 2 oz
BT803 / Standard Bottle 4 oz
BT804 / Standard Bottle 8 oz
BT805 / Accordion Bottle 1 oz
BT806 / Accordion Bottle 2 oz

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